Top 4 Business Software for Project Management

Business software for project management

Are these documents and spreadsheets truly the Business software for project management for small creative teams, you may have wondered at least once if you are a project manager for a small team.

Your workflow can become more structured, effective, and informed with the correct software or software combination. But as a small team, you’re probably seeking to avoid Business software for project management that is expensive, requires specialized training, or burdens your team with numerous intricate features you don’t require.

In this article, will discuss how to manage a small team with the appropriate applications and tools, address some often asked questions about the subject, and evaluate free project management software for small businesses.


Business software for project management
Business software for project management is a user-friendly project management solution that saves small businesses money in two ways: by providing free or inexpensive entry-level plans and by being incredibly user-friendly to reduce the cost of training and onboarding. Teams at Uber, Adobe, Hulu, and Unilever all utilize them, giving your SMB the impression that it is competing with larger software companies.

The reason I chose is because it is adaptable and scalable, with 5 pricing tiers available to grow with you. You will already have access to their infinite project boards, hundreds of project/task templates, 20+ column types, and iOS and Android apps with their freemium plan. You may find pre-made outlines for editorial calendars, marketing campaign planning, CRM charts, event planning, HR forms, and more in the free project template library, which you should pay special attention to. It is impossible to exaggerate how helpful this area is for small enterprises.

Automations, dashboards that may be customized, forms for quick client intakes, support for agile approaches, and an infinite number of free viewers are among the features.

Business software for project management with integrations include Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, Typeform, and many more. Access to these apps requires a paid Zapier account. Additionally, they provide an app store with both free and paid add-ons to enhance your capabilities. I can’t emphasize enough how adaptable and scaleable this form is.

2. Wrike

Business software for project management
Business software for project management

Wrike is a Business software for project management and resource management solution that will be appealing to small enterprises on a limited monthly budget because of its generous free plan (unlimited users!).

Why I decided on Wrike You will have easy access to your email, recent and bookmarked things, your spaces, and the administrative navigation bar after signing into your account. You can add widgets to your customized dashboard so that it displays the most important data for your workday, such as To-Do Today, My Overdue Tasks, Due: Next 7 Days, and/or Tasks Created by You.

With Wrike, you may snooze inbox alerts so that you’ll be reminded of them at a more convenient time in the future. The custom menu option lets you choose your own date and time instead of the default values of 3 hours, 1 day, or 1 week. A straightforward dropdown menu allows you to quickly sort your task lists by priority, date, status, importance, or alphabetically. Users can quickly choose between color schemes thanks to workspace themes.

Wrike’s work schedule management function (business plan and above) enables you group and flag employees based on what their usual weekly schedule looks like, which is useful for businesses of all sizes. This will be taken into consideration by Wrike when creating your project timeframe.

Kanban boards, cross-tagging between different work streams, Gantt charts, proofreading, custom request forms, task automation, and dashboards are among the features.

Over 400 native pre-built integrations are available, including ones with the most widely used file management programs from Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox as well as Salesforce and Marketo’s sales and marketing platforms.

3. ClickUp

Business software for project management
Business software for project management

One of the Business software for project management available is called ClickUp, although at first glance it could appear too expensive for a small firm. I can assure you that is not the case because I am a small business owner myself. Additionally, ClickUp’s free edition might be precisely what you need to begin going.

The reason I chose ClickUp is that it includes capabilities to keep your team in sync, like task management, time tracking, whiteboards, shared documents, dashboards, and communication tools. You may utilize documents to hold firm information like brand standards and key values, as seen in the screenshot above.With a few restrictions, their free edition offers nearly all of the features. Enough to convince you to give it a try and decide whether it is worthwhile to invest.

Whiteboards, task management, task automation, dashboards, collaborative documents, time tracking, and in-app collaboration tools including comments, mentions, attachments, and annotations are just a few of the features available.

Slack, G Suite, Dropbox, and numerous other tools are integrated, in addition to the more than 1,000 connectors offered by Zapier. There is a public API you can utilize to develop your own integrations, if you so choose.

4. Celoxis

Business software for project management
Business software for project management

A complete web-based platform, Celoxis is a terrific choice for small enterprises. It is reasonably priced and has strong analytical skills, interactive Gantt charts, and collaborative tools.

I chose Celoxis because: A real-time project tracker, resource availability and utilization, timesheets, Business software for project management budgets, hazards, issues, and dashboards are all provided by the tool. Business software for project management, @mention comments, file sharing, document version control, and activity streams are more ways you can work with your team.

The fact that Celoxis doesn’t offer pricing tiers means you always get all of the product’s features! Plus, you can drastically lower the number of licenses you need to purchase thanks to its limitless client and virtual accounts.

Automatic scheduling, inter-project dependencies, baselines, RAG health indicators, profit tracking, revenue forecasting, and portfolio management are among the features.

Through Zapier, more than 400 business apps are integrated, including Google Drive, email and calendaring services, Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and many others. Additionally, you can create unique integrations with any other products you use using their API.

One of the few Business software for project management that comes in both SaaS and on-premise forms is Celoxis.


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