7 Best Business Training Software

business training software

The success of your business in today’s cutthroat environment depends on training. Because of this, businesskd.com have created a list of business training software packages that you may use in your training and development efforts. The characteristics of this business training software will enable you to develop learning experiences that have a significant influence on your company.

7 Best Business Training Software

business training software
business training software

1. EdApp

When it comes to business training software, EdApp should be at the top of your list. A well-known e-learning development tool keeps customers for two reasons: it’s free and offers excellent training.

The corporate learning courses they offer can be fully customized and are prepared to be distributed to your personnel. Among the courses available are those in project management communication, digital marketing, and solution selling strategy. These courses include topics like the importance of business planning and how to differentiate your company from the competition.

If the library does not have the training you require, EdApp can carefully design one for you. Create the ideal training programs for your business by working with a qualified learning and development team using EdApp’s course creation services. Your staff will value these custom-built courses because they were developed with the newest learning approaches in mind.

They also provide a number of cutting-edge training choices, many of which are only accessible through paid subscriptions. These features include an easy-to-use LMS, many third-party integrations, and beginner-friendly writing tools.

Price: Free


services for creating courses
amazing course library
Choices for customization

2. Accessplanit

business training software
business training software

Accessplanit is a one-stop business training software that aids in the automation and optimization of training processes as well as the creation of exceptional training materials and learning experiences for your learners. It is perfect for a blended learning strategy because of its course admin tool, which makes scheduling courses and training sessions—whether in person or online—easy.
You have access to a choice of adaptable training alternatives for course preparation, including face-to-face meetings, webinars, and mobile learning, thanks to a platform that is designed to centralize all training activities.

Cost: Get a price quote.


Tools for course management automation
Analytics and reports

3. Sharepoint

business training software
business training software

Using the business training software in SharePoint, anyone on your team can plan and put together corporate training programs like a pro. They can use a range of templates to receive help with everything from creating courses and planning events to gathering feedback from employees.
It also provides a straightforward framework for creating training activities and managing crucial dates, such course deadlines. Once the training is over, your team’s expertise and upgraded skill level are then listed on the platform. This makes selecting the ideal person for restructuring, such as succession planning, simpler.

Price: $4,799 USD


Design and delivery of training
gathering and analyzing feedback
a database with searchable training histories

4. Whale

Whale is a different piece of corporate business training software made for staff training and process documentation. You may effortlessly develop a training playbook with its help and send it to your workers thanks to its user-friendly editor, editing tools, and assortment of templates.
Your staff can easily access the lessons via a plug-and-play browser plugin. They also provide user skill profiles to identify staff members who need additional training to complete their tasks or to master particular abilities in order to get a better understanding of their performance.

Price: $119 per month


Browser add-on Informational tips
individual integrations

5. Cloud Academy

A business training software called Cloud Academy develops more in-depth and tailored tech learning materials for your staff. Users can access a large material collection on technological principles and create tests with pre-built questions using this web-based training platform.
With the aid of this training technology, your students can access course materials even when they are not online. Additionally, it offers a Cloud Roster tool that pushes users to acquire the knowledge and abilities most essential to their work duties.

Starting at USD 39 per user per month.


Adaptable exams
training materials repository
Inactive mode

6. GoToTraining

For your workers, GoToTraining is renowned for its innovative and enjoyable elements that may liven up otherwise monotonous and daunting training sessions. From registration to information sharing, assessments, and polls, it offers the most simple alternatives for assisting you before, during, and after training sessions.
Use this corporate training software to create personalized registration forms with editable questions before you begin creating your course. In order to choose and design the most effective training courses for your learners, the data can help you better understand their requirements and preferences.

Starting at 109 USD per month


self-directed content delivery
Online conferences
thorough reporting

7. Continu

Software called Continu was developed for today’s modern workforce. You can create courses and learning paths that are tailored to each trainee’s needs using its robust course creation capabilities. Using its Smart Segmentation tool, which enables you to filter by geography, department, or custom factors, you can also customize their educational experiences.
Custom reporting is another feature of this LXP that enables you to enhance reports and learn more about the productivity of your personnel. Additionally, trainees might have access to a dashboard where they could track their development.

Cost: Get a price quote.


Personalized learning pathways
sophisticated segmentation
customized reports
a dashboard for students

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