5 Best Car Rental Business Software

Car rental business software

It’s not easy to keep track of your fleet. However, automobile rental management solutions enhance your online reservation experience while assisting you in maintaining vehicles and drivers. Using an easy-to-use dashboard, you may assign vehicles to them right away or report damage with point-and-click tools.

businesskd.com reviewed some vendors’ specifications, compared pricing, usability, integrations, and reporting features, and then narrowed the field to the top car rental business software. We looked at customer service outcomes and specific features that assist 5 best car rental business software

Best car rental business software of 2023

Car rental business software
Car rental business software

1/ HQ Rental Software

Offering complete customer and fleet management services, HQ car rental business software is an economical all-in-one solution that supports all business formats and sizes.

Advantages Free seven-day trial; no credit card needed

Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

Cons Lower-tier plans do not include 24/7 customer service.

To use all the capabilities, there is a learning curve.

Enhance customer experiences while increasing back-office effectiveness by using HQ Rental Software. The finest fleet management system overall is HQ Rental Software, which offers a wide range of capabilities, is simple to use, and offers customization choices.

According to the size of your fleet, HQ Rental Software offers subscription-based pricing models. Although our estimates are based on monthly payments, you can subscribe for a full year and save up to 8%.

A comprehensive information base is accessible to all customers. However, you can open a support ticket or use the website’s built-in chat tool to speak with customer service if you have any issues.

2/ ARSLoaner

You can set up ARSLoaner in no more than one to two hours and it offers a fully mobile platform that works on any device with no need to download anything.

Positives Free 30-day trial

minimal to no training required

No agreements

Cons There is no mobile app for customers.

strong focus on auto dealers and maintenance shops

This car rental business software was created with the assistance of auto dealers to make it simpler for dealerships, vehicle repair facilities, and rental companies to manage their fleet and clients from any location. The AutoRentalSystems loaner tool is the simplest system to use because to its straightforward interface and the company’s desire to assist you in configuring your software.

You can access your dashboard with ARSLoaner from any location, browser, or device. It works great on PCs and on small mobile screens. Simplicity and usability are prioritized.

Everything is simple with ARSLoaner, even selecting a price strategy. The monthly membership rate is determined by the number of cars in your fleet, and all options provide full functionality. The website offers a handy calculator to help you consider your alternatives. For instance, you’ll pay $9 per car per month for one to 14 automobiles, compared to $8 per car per month for 20 to 25 vehicles.

3/ ScheduleBull

Car rental business software
Car rental business software

Use the free program to manage your small fleet, or upgrade to the commercial version for a fee that is reasonable compared to other software options.

Pros No credit card is required for the 30-day free trial

List of problematic tenants

Free program is offered

Cons Limited client assistance

There is no training documentation online.

Several free modules are available in the rental management system (RMS) called ScheduleBull for organizing your schedules and creating contracts. ScheduleBull is incredibly cost-effective if you have more than five vehicles; you only spend €60 per month for a maximum of 50 vehicles, making it the undisputed champion in our category for the best economical car rental software.

ScheduleBull RMS’s rich application programming interface (API) makes it simple to integrate it with your current systems. For rental companies with up to five cars and two users, the program is free to use. The Standard plan, meanwhile, costs just €60 per month and offers coverage for up to 50 vehicles and 10 users.
There are no self-service tools available on ScheduleBull’s website, despite the fact that the majority of reviewers claim the software is simple to use and set up. You can email a client manager, lead developer, or general support agent with inquiries.

4/ RentWorks

Car rental business software
Car rental business software

RentWorks from Bluebird Auto Rental Systems offers feature-rich software, over a hundred different report options, and specialized add-on modules for simple customization.

dependable reporting and analytics

adequate backing

interface with drag and drop

Cons No risk-free sample

Due to the volume, it may be challenging to find reports.

Rental businesses who require cutting-edge features to serve corporate clients or manage large volumes should use this RMS. RentWorks provides complete car rental business software that may be used to build unique workflows, automate fleet management, and accelerate reservation processing. RentWorks stands out for its sophisticated features and offers numerous methods to customise your program, such as adding modules for texting customers or processing credit cards.

Prices are not posted online by RentWorks. To find out more about the pricing for your requirements and situation, get in touch with sales and arrange a demo.

On the RentWorks website, you may discover a list of updates and fast reference manuals. For additional help, you may also contact customer care by phone or email.

5/ RentGuruz

With just one click, you can access all the essential tools you need to run your business from the RentGuruz platform’s user-friendly interface.

Positives Free 30-day trial

easy to use interface

holds customer flight information

Training is required to master all features.

No client service by phone

Business owners may manage fleet inventory, clients, and new reservations using one system by using the RentGuruz cloud-based auto leasing and car rental business software. Its user-friendly design and numerous integrations make it ideal for small workplaces where employees must carry out a variety of tasks.

You don’t have to spend more with RentGuruz to get access to enterprise-level services. Instead, the whole capability is included in your monthly subscriptions, allowing you to manage all of your small company leasing requirements from a single dashboard.

Four car rental business software programs are offered by RentGuruz, with the only distinctions being the amount of cars, locations, and users. Each package offers the same level of service. You have the option to add payment gateways or a plugin for reservations when choosing your package. To find out the prices, you must speak with a sales agent.

After you sign up for services, you can plan a paid training session or watch training videos on demand. You can send a support ticket or send an email to customer service.

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